Community Input – Call 3

Burning Man Project is collaborating with Google on the process of bringing five new public artworks to the Charleston East plaza in Mountain View, California — the home of a new Google building in North Bayshore that will open in 2020. We hope for it to be the location for community gatherings where residents can enjoy art, and a beautifully landscaped plaza. We are seeking community input on the artworks featured below, which have been selected as semi-finalists for the Anchor Artwork. The Anchor Artwork will invite and welcome all who find themselves in the Charleston East plaza, and in Mountain View’s Shoreline area.

These artworks are intended to foster a fun, dynamic, and approachable space. We want them to inspire curiosity, delight, surprise, and leave a lasting impression. We invite you to explore below and share with us what you would like to see and experience. Please tell us the projects you most favor by clicking the “Yep” or “Nope” buttons, and share any additional comments you may have. Your name, email, and input will not be publicly viewable. While this is not a “vote” or popularity contest, it is an important opportunity for us to hear the thoughts and voices of the community — an intrinsic part of making the Charleston East Plaza a home for all who gather there.

This is part of a series of community engagement opportunities to bring many voices into the art selection process. This form will be open until July 26th — feel free to share it with friends!