“Veracity” is a monumental stainless steel sculpture with complex geometries and faceted surfaces. The art is a bold Plaza Icon whose composition is harmonious with the East Campus architecture. During daytime viewing, the art has strongly interactive properties between ambient light and skies; change your vantage and the art reflects new, ever-changing perspectives of the surrounding landscape. The reflective qualities of the material and composition encourage the audience to move explore the art, often. By night, a sophisticated lighting system that responds to fluctuations of motion will energize the sculpture. I will collaborate with the Google Team to tailor optimal, dynamic lighting to enhance “Veracity” and East Charleston Campus Experience.

Google has a well-known philosophy which: “It’s best to do one thing really, really well”. I agree. The thing I do well is create landmark sculpture; I can insure “Veracity” is a proud ambassador upholding the innovations achieved at Google.