Quantum Meditation


“Quantum Meditation” is an interactive metaphor for our vastly expanding sense of embodiment as interconnected nodes in a collective cyberspace.

A monumental figure is sitting cross-legged on the ground with her tablet device, comprised of evenly spaced, parallel slabs of polished stainless steel oriented in the direction of her gaze. When viewed head-on, the sculpture virtually disappears. The effect is surprising and beautiful and entices people of all ages and backgrounds to interact playfully with the work. At night, the sculpture is illuminated from inside, as if hovering on a cushion of slowly color-changing light.

“Quantum Meditation” speaks to the contemporary shift from the classical paradigm of reductionist separation to the new paradigm of holistic connectedness, in line with what quantum physics, the scientific breakthrough that enabled this revolution, is telling us about the nature of reality: Namely, that it should be conceived of as informational rather than material.