(NN) Neural_Nimbus

(NN) is a kinetic sculpture, employing augmented reality, sound and light to approach ideas about time, eco-systems, and paradigm shifts in cultural evolution. This work references weather systems as metaphors for neural activity and the exchange of information, both digital and organic.

(NN) appears as a subtly living machine, with an alternate virtual world surrounding it. Viewers share and participate in the AR experience as freely as in their ‘real’ world. The work is designed to be playful, intriguing, and conceptually rigorous. It will be iconic and spectacular, at all times of day or night, from near and far. Viewers will literally be drawn in to examine and touch the structure. With or without the AR component a sense of wonder is the response we are targeting.

AR allows the sculpture to be an access point to ‘other worlds.’ It also allows the work to grow into the future.