Magic Carpet

You may have heard that people spend too much time on screens. Magic Carpet questions this truism by transforming a screen into a 3-dimensional interactive room where each pixel connects participants to their physical environment and to one another. Each “pixel” (or voxel) in this giant paraboloid steel grid can pivot around its center, slowly rotating in the wind, revealing either the sky above or a shaded square. At human height, pixels can be rotated manually to create enclosure and porosity, to spell out words, or to create low-resolution images. The steel structure will be powder coated white to offset the multicolored pixels. Walking around the sculpture will yield playful optics, moire patterns and Albers-like color combinations. To create a more dynamic experience, Magic Carpet combines this kinetic physical installation with programmable overlays – Augmented Reality in the day and mesmerizing light patterns at night.