Life in the Seagrass

“Life in the Seagrass” will be a true occasion-sculpture. A fully immersive underwater world composed from a symphony of stalks of cool, smooth steel that will grow from Charleston East Plaza’s paving. They will sway as if held in warm ocean currents. We will inhabit them and share their spaces; resting, playing, and exploring. Meeting and gathering. Connecting to our community and to the natural diversity that surrounds us.

The seagrasses will generate an electrifying sense of occasion. They will draw us together and anchor us to our community. They will create a space that is family friendly and spellbinding for children. A refuge of discovery and well-being. A space that will work in perfect symbiosis with the landscaping and architecture of the Plaza, Mountain View and California. A space that will transport us to other worlds, and connect us to our own.