Sitting in FLUTTER is an expression of mood. One can be alone in dappled shadow or talk with a friend. Wrapped inside and out with sinuous, playful benches, FLUTTER is a kind of plaza within a plaza, seating over 28 people in the troughs and crests of its fluttering footprint.

FLUTTER is made from salvaged copper tubes. The tubes are carved with a unique pattern of slots that, when assembled, become a rigid yet flowing fabric. In each of the tubes at its crest, there is an anemometer and electronics that controls a string of LEDs within the tubes below. At night, when the anemometers spin in the wind, the LEDs change in color and intensity. The piece glows and flutters from within. The LEDs can also be controlled through Wi-Fi allowing the community to create and curate low-resolution video using FLUTTER as a screen.