Drishti” (Sanskrit): ‘the focused gaze’, vision, inward sight.

Inspired by a philosophical phrase, “Drishti, Srishti”, meaning: “As is your vision, so is your universe” or, “How you behold, is thus what you unfold”. As a sculptural expression, it presents a locus, and reflective symbol, of focusing and elevating energies into positive directions, as creators and collaborators of our individual and collective realms/realities.

Drishti’s elegantly curved mirrored steel sides sweep our gaze upward along arcing angles, to a taper of 24’, pointing to the stars. At its center, a curving bench invites us to gather, repose, reflect. Repeating patterns of rounded steel mirrors shimmer like an array of little suns, drawing us to meet our gaze in the ‘eyes’ of the lens-like mirrors. Stepping back, our image merges with everyone else’ into a mosaic portrait of shared reflection, literally and symbolically.