7917 Miles Beneath Your Feet

Find the exact opposite side of the world from Google. Digitally, we will extract this underwater landscape and turn it into a surface, exaggerating highs and lows. We will peel back and fully invert the seafloor – as if Earth’s crust was an orange. The tactility of the “surface” side will be peeled up into an arching cantilevered form. The opposite side of the Earth, above one’s head will provide deep shade for intimate summer performances and basking sunshine in the South facing winter sun. Sunrise and sunset will cause “curling” shade forms.

The sculpture’s digital interface will adapt over time through open calls every 5-7 years. Our vision begins with a live-feed that is literally the sea on the opposite side of the world… So that at night in Mountain View we see the daytime Ocean on the opposite side of the globe.